Saw Dracula is French Sea Dracula!


Here’s some French Sea Dracula (or Scie Dracula), translated by Greg Pogorzelski. The logo is pretty nifty!  I can only read a little french, but as far as I can tell this looks pretty cool. Google translates this as Saw Dracula, which is pretty hilarious. I have no idea if that’s accurate though. It is 16 pages long, which is 14 pages longer than the version we wrote. Anyway, if you’re French, read French or just enjoy collecting alternate language versions of Sea Dracula this is probably a pretty good day for you. Enjoy yourself!



2 Responses to Saw Dracula is French Sea Dracula!

  1. Hi Jake and Nick!

    Yeah, “scie” translates to “saw” (the tool) in english. That’s on purpose, though: names in Animal City being mostly nonsensical juxtaposition goodness, I chose to translate the title so that it sounds alike in french and english, and “scie” in french just happens to sound like “sea” in english.

    Thanks for boosting the signal, and re-thanks for your awesome game, guys!

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