Free Dracula!

Sea Dracula is now Free!


Download Sea Dracula for free!

Make copies! Give them to your friends and co-workers! And enemies! And your enemies friends! And co-workers!

Free Sea Dracula FAQ:

What does this mean? You can download the Sea Dracula PDF for free. You can make copies and distribute it for free as well. Knock yourself out!

What about paper copies? Nick and Jake will  be giving away free paper copies of Sea Dracula at conventions, concerts, stores and special events for the rest of time. If you see us, ask for a copy!

I’m a store. Can I give away some Sea Dracula? Yes! Contact us at to find out how to get free copies of Sea Dracula to give away in your store! Or just make a bunch of copies yourself!

Can I still buy Sea Dracula? No. Please stop asking!

How will you survive without the income from Sea Dracula? We’ll manage. Don’t worry!

How awesome is this? It’s pretty awesome.


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