Wave 2 PDF now available!

December 7, 2008


Sea Dracula wave 2 is now available as a PDF! this special PDF includes all 10 wave 2 covers! Buy the PDF for just $1 at the Atarashi Games Store or on RPGNOW!


Sea Dracula Wave 2 now available!

December 6, 2008


Sea Dracula Wave 2 is here! Featuring 10 new covers by Lukas Myhan, Jason Morningstar, Joel Shempert, Alvin Frewer, Joe McDonald, John Harper, Anna Kreider, Albert Anderson, Travis Brown and Jake Richmond.

Wave 2 is available as random singles ($1) or as a 1o pack ($8)! Buy Sea Dracula Wave 2 at the Atarashi Games Store or the Un-Store!

The bad news? Wave 1 is no longer available! Oh no! Lucky foryou, you can still see the Wave 1 covers in the Sea Dracula Cover Gallery!