Sea Dracula shirts pre-order!

April 15, 2009


Sea Dracula shirts are now available for pre-order! Here’s the details:

Why pre-order? Shirts are kind of expensive. Help us out by pre-ordering a shirt so we don’t go broke trying to cover the cost! Bonus: We’ll give you a wicked high-five next time we see you!

How long does the pre-order last: We’ll be taking orders until the first of May.

When will I get my shirt? We expect to send the shirts out on May 10th.

What do they look like? 2 different styles! Choose the classic Sea Dracula on a black shirt for $21, or the snazy Joe McDonald C-Drac on a white shirt for $15! Shipping is $5 (or $10 international).

Can I get both? Get both shirts for $30, and shipping is only $7 (or $13 internatinal)!

What kind of shirts are they? Hanes cotton beefy t-shirt, in M, L, XL or XXL. Let us know what size you want when you order.

Was that Vanilla Ice? Yup

How do I give you my money? Order here!


Free Dracula!

April 15, 2009

Sea Dracula is now available for FREE!


What does this mean? You can download the Sea Dracula PDF for free. You can make copies and distribute it for free as well. Knock yourself out!

What about paper copies? Nick and Jake will  be giving away free paper copies of Sea Dracula at conventions, concerts, stores and special events for the rest of time. If you see us, ask for a copy!

I’m a store. Can I give away some Sea Dracula? Yes! Contact us at to find out how to get free copies of Sea Dracula to give away in your store! Or just make a bunch of copies yourself!

Can I still buy Sea Dracula? Yes! We’re still selling paper copies of Sea Dracula to anyone who wants to buy them. The Wave 2 Attack pack (featuring all 10 covers from Wave 2) makes an excellent gift.You can buy Sea Dracula at both the Atarashi Games store and the un-store!

How will you survive without the income from Sea Dracula? We’ll manage. You can help us out by buying our awesome Sea Dracula merchandise! T-shirts are available for pre-order now!

How awesome is this? It’s pretty awesome.

good times at Gamestorm 2009! sea dracula invents the audio recorder!!

April 13, 2009

Sea Dracula was back and better than ever this year at indie hurricane! dispensing justice in the form of fresh dance moves, custom Sea Dracula sock dolls and 10 new covers from wave 2!

we had 2 fantastic sea Dracula games at Gamestorm this year and with the help of the amazing Gilbert “deathray lazerface” Kennen we have 2 fantastic recordings! just click on the links to listen! unedited for your listening pleasure…

the first sea Dracula game took place on Friday night, where four brave lawyers took on the case of sea Dracula vs. the planet of the apes!!

“this may have been the best game of sea Dracula we have ever seen” – Jake Richmond and Nick Smith

the Sea Dracula end of Gamestorm dance-off epic took place Sunday at around 5PM. said to be the closing ceremony for indie hurricane, a crowd of 20+ awesome individuals witnessed the first ever handing out of the C-Drac awards.

thanks again to everyone who participated! we love you and hope you can join us next year for more epic cases! crazier animals! and even fresher dance moves!