Sea Dracula shirts pre-order!


Sea Dracula shirts are now available for pre-order! Here’s the details:

Why pre-order? Shirts are kind of expensive. Help us out by pre-ordering a shirt so we don’t go broke trying to cover the cost! Bonus: We’ll give you a wicked high-five next time we see you!

How long does the pre-order last: We’ll be taking orders until the first of May.

When will I get my shirt? We expect to send the shirts out on May 10th.

What do they look like? 2 different styles! Choose the classic Sea Dracula on a black shirt for $21, or the snazy Joe McDonald C-Drac on a white shirt for $15! Shipping is $5 (or $10 international).

Can I get both? Get both shirts for $30, and shipping is only $7 (or $13 internatinal)!

What kind of shirts are they? Hanes cotton beefy t-shirt, in M, L, XL or XXL. Let us know what size you want when you order.

Was that Vanilla Ice? Yup

How do I give you my money? Order here!


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